"LUCA" D.o.b 12.06 2008
...Luca enjoying the sun
See what I found :-)

Is from our "K-litter" .
In the whelping-box his name was "Batman" - as the white marking on his chest looks like a " fiction" figure. :-)

There were many reasons for keeping a dog from this litter. Mainly because of all the wonderful friends that are in his pedigree - I know what they were all about

Luca is a dog with a calm and stable temperament.
He is very social with people and goes well with other dogs - big or small, male or female. A great friend.

Luca's Pedigree

"Luca and Ludvik "

Enjoying "a splash"
Luca loves swimming
Luca with his little friend Ludvik

On the move
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